Leah Dizon Favorites

tumblr_msfa8p7lzw1r3yj41o1_500 tumblr_msgwj4XdAG1r3yj41o1_500 tumblr_mwhmn5G8Ot1r3yj41o1_500 leah_dizon_24_01 3561368728_30739a5b7d_o 3561368978_8bfdbbbaea_o pureleah_(89)

     I’ve discovered Leah Dizon back in 2008 on Hi5. At that time she was already in Japan modeling and singing.
     The reason I started saving pictures with her on my computer is that I believed we resembled a bit. I loved, and I still do, her magical beauty, I loved that she was normal, not like the western tall and skinny models.
     I wanted to bring her back with this post, so that other people like me, that love and admire her, will support her to come back to modeling and maybe write a book about her experience in Japan.

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