Wish-list for this Christmas

I know it is still November, and here in Romania we don’t have installed the Christmas decorations around town and stores, but my heart dreams of nice things with a Christmasy  touch.

I found this nice online store with clothes that I love!

I don’t need to explain why I want it! It is just perfect!
Sailor coat! I mush have this for next Spring!
Sailor Moon necklace pocket watch! I really need them! ❤
Size 36 for me! I have something similar already, but having another pair will do.

What do you guys think? Should I buy them? Should I suggest to my hubby to buy them for me? Have you guys had any bad experience from cuteharajuku? Some advice?

You can take a look at their shop here! If I’ll buy from them I will make a review post!

Until the next post! Simona Moon!

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Calvin says:

    I say you leave pictures just lying around and hope that your hubby gets the hint. Or you can hope he reads your blog, which he should, and then he will know what to get you. Men hate shopping because they always fear their girl will hate what they buy. Now he knows what you would like. You would look great in that dress. Like I always say. You know what looks great on you.

    1. simonamoon says:

      He does read the blog. I am pushing my limits for shopping this year! :))))

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