Ce am mai cusut in ultima vreme


Ro: Am avut spor si inspiratie in ultima vreme. Datorita fetelor de la Sezatoare Constanta am cusut mai mult si am finalizat mai multe modele!

En: These past few days were very productive for me. I finished many projects and I got to share some of them with you on social media. My group, Sezatoare Constanta, has helped me a lot, inspired me and gave me a great vibe.


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#pomulvietii #romanianembroidery #sezatoareconstanta

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Ro: Toate modele cusute pe care le vedeti aici sunt Romanesti!

Sper sa va inspire si pe voi sa coaseti ceva frumos in luna August!

En: All the patterns used are Romanian traditional cross stitch found on vintage blouses or decorations. I hope they inspire you to try them on different projects.


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  2. greymalkin says:

    You do gorgeous work.

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