Costum Popular Dobrogea – Oltina

IMG_0896  IMG_089510553799_10152565375679222_4085014427716029118_o En: I’ve posted before traditional Romanian Costumes that you can find at Constanta’s Folk Art Museum. Not a lot of people know how the traditional of Dobrogea looks like and I want to share it with everyone.

   This traditional costume is from the region Oltina. As you can see red and black are used a lot for the embroidery. These two colors are a significant pattern in the area of Dobrogea.

   If you come to visit Constanta one day, you can visit the Museum yourself but until then you can admire the beautiful embroidery here. I will try to post more pictures of the beautiful Romanian traditional. Ro: Am mai postat in trecut poze facute la Muzeul de Arta Populara din Constanta si am vazut ca multe persoane sunt interesate de costumele populare din Dobrogea. La museum sunt expuse trei costume populare din aceasta zona, unul din ele fiind din Oltina. Este un costum ce are cusaturi usoare, tipice zonei, la maneca, incheieturi si platca, cusut cu rosu si negru, culorile Dobrogei. Costumul popular il gasiti la expozitia permanenta a Muzeului de Arta Populara din Constanta.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Steven Tryon says:

    Lovely, Simona. Such marvelous craftsmanship.

    1. simonamoon says:

      Thank you Steve! ❤

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