The beauty of Silvia Floarea Toth

          Many of you don’t know much about Romanian culture, language or traditional clothing.

     In the past years, many highly known designers got inspired from the European folkloric patterns, Romania being included.

     Europe is such a small place if you look at the map of the World, but so many beautiful ethnic clothes are compacted from 50 countries, each country having many beautiful patterns. The East European embroidery has always been admired and that form of art has always been a life style for many of the people still living in the rural area.

     Discovering the beautiful Romanian traditional you discover the beautiful old writing of the ancestors on their clothes and pottery. The continuity of the Cucuteni Culture can be easily seen on patterns on the Romanian blouse.

     On this post I will try to show you a piece of art that belongs to Silvia Floarea Toth, a young woman that is considered an ambassador for Romania, an idol for the traditional clothing from her native area, Nasaud.

     Silvia Floarea Toth is a photographer that started sharing her self portraits wearing her grandmother traditional blouse. This happened while Tom Ford was making a huge splash on the runway with inspired blouses from the Romanian Blouse.

988471_1593177770918924_3162478170658980714_n 1511354_1557058064530895_2139842636438181307_n 1558493_1556742531229115_176156714287766548_n 1920019_1556739971229371_6628023523563530234_n 10407565_1560609020842466_427689886972319703_n 10422938_1593143667589001_6921816128004294321_n 10801849_1556742637895771_9128154198303882432_n 10930027_1583507638552604_6993572586571058193_n 10931271_1585856821651019_1407910759100349289_n 10978568_1593232364246798_8024974298712379311_n

      Silvia is a huge success especially in the eyes of the Romanians that work or live outside Romania for years. She brought a nostalgic and magical image of the authentic Romanian traditional that is usually kept in the museums.

What makes her even more lovable is the fact that she has many traditional costumes and she made albums with the traditional pieces and now the world can see in high quality the work of the old generation, the beautiful generation that made everything with their own hands.

     In my eyes she is the perfect vision of the Romanian Beauty.

Photo source.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. alt.truisms says:

    These are so beautiful!

  2. Liuba says:

    I really enjoyed watching all these lovely Romanian traditional outfits and Silvia is very beautiful girl and her blue eyes make her even more beautiful!!! She looks like one of those beautiful Russian blue eyed girls.

    P.S. Ma numesc Liuba si sunt bucuroasa ca am dat de blogul tau 🙂

  3. Steven Tryon says:

    Beautiful, Simona. I added her to my dA watchlist.

    1. simonamoon says:

      I am happy you found her on DeviantArt!

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