Aburi de Toamna


     Ascunsa sub paturi, imi verific lista pentru maine, desi nu ma pot concentra, incerc. E posibil sa nu apuc sa dorm la noapte ca sa fiu sigura ca nu am sa uit nimic important acasa.
     Abia astept sa vad Toamna in Bucuresti, sa cunosc in persoana artisti pe care ii am in lista de Facebook.
     Mai sorb din ceaiul deja rece si imi impun sa nu uit nimic.
     Maine va fi o zi lunga si plina, ne vedem la Raw Vegan Expo.
IMG_4253 IMG_4258 IMG_4259 IMG_4262 IMG_4265

Photography by Radu Niculescu


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  1. blois123 says:

    this is beautiful, I love love this shoot, btw I was thinking to move as well in wordpress, what is your experience?

    1. simonaion says:

      It was a big deal for me because I started with blogger in 2008. The reason I moved is simple, google owns blogger and it doesn’t show up in the searching engine as much as wordpress. Plus, here you have more free options, it is easy to follow somebody and for me it is great.
      I hope this was helpful for you.
      Have a wonderful day!

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