Hello November

IMG_0058 IMG_0061
    October left us and now all we have to do is wait for the Winter.
   The cold of Autumn seems to be settling down and the Sun is hiding from us.
   I was asking myself what season I love the most and I couldn’t answer to that question. I love it when is warm and the wind is soft, but the weather has changed so much in the past years that I can’t recall the perfect Spring or the perfect Autumn.
  I remember that a few years ago, when I was still in College in this time of the year we had more Sun and I believe we had some rain as well. Now it’s just wind and it’s very unpleasant for walks.
  I’ve stayed in bed for the last two days and I hope to get adjusted with the cold.
  November be nicer!

One Comment Add yours

  1. I’m the same. It’s difficult to decide the best season. If I had to pick one, I would say spring. When the days are getting warmer, but not too hot, and the trees are blossoming.

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