Red and Black

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     October is here to stay, full of brown leafs around every street. October is not that cold as it used to be 10 years ago; I remember the cold mornings walking to the train to get to school, I remember wearing like 2 sets of blouses on me because of the cold, I remember the big winter jacket waiting for me and how much I hated the fact that I was cold all the time.
    These days is so warm that I can wear my Forever 21 dress and be perfectly fine, so cool for me.
    In my previous post I showed you my wish list for this month, and as you can usually spot my favorite color this season is red. I am falling in love every time I see a red sweater or a dark red dress (like the one I am wearing in the photos above).
     I am a simple person, I wear a piece of clothing for many years if the product is of good quality; I am falling in love if the dress makes me feel so natural. Sometimes I wish I was more sophisticated but I grew up this way and I find it hard to change my wardrobe that often like most of the girls these days.
    So what do you say? Is red this season’s color?

Photos By Radu Niculescu


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Maria says:

    simpatica tinuta, cel mai bine se vede cand te-ai dat cu leaganul(a 2-a poza)
    lovely red dress and hat

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