Albert Park, Auckland New Zealand


     Auckland has a piece of my heart. I’ve had the sweet chance to visit the port side for almost 10 times.
    There are many things you can do in this beautiful town and all you need is TIME.
    You can visit the Sky Tower and enjoy the exposition of collectibles from Lord Of The Rings, play in the Casino, eat at a Chinese restaurant and of course see the beautiful city from the top.
     One of the places that I love the most is the Albert Park, green and peaceful.
     Here is a selection of pictures that I took 2 years ago.hsdjgdyvg ijg ijgg ijhbf ijng iojkf  khjgrehv khverj kjhfdvb kngd knvjergjv  nbuefgvje  okmuht sdjhvehvd  uhbgvh uihcedvchd
     Walking back to the dock, we stopped for some coffee and found along some old buildings which reminded me of my hometown, Constanta.jegjfgesbvkegrmvdbnnvhegjfhver
     The Sky Tower that I was writing about!nbjgsdvhhrv
    I love Auckland for the peaceful feeling, the bookstores at every corner, the variety of food, coffee places, the green, the beautiful and polite people, the architecture and the memories that will stay with me forever.

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