Malaysia (part 1)


2 years had past since I visited Malaysia when working on a cruise ship!

Most of the things I knew about this beautiful country were from Discovery Channel that I was watching as a child!

As I told you before, I never even imagined to reach these beautiful lands and take so many beautiful pictures, experience the cultural diversity and have such great memories!

The mane purpose of the day was to visit Kuala Lumpur, but the ship was docked 2 hours away from the place.

We took a taxi as a group and the journey began.IMG_5433  IMG_5503          IMG_5479 IMG_5488

The buildings are very beautiful, the big trees are so lovely, and you forget about the humidity that sometimes gets so annoying!


The first thing we visited was a Buddhist temple!


Me in front of the temple! I love the beautiful bonsai at the entrance.IMG_5589IMG_5562IMG_5564IMG_5574-2 IMG_5572IMG_5554IMG_5599-2 IMG_5593IMG_5528 IMG_5535 IMG_5544

As you can see in the photos, the temple is BEAUTIFUL! Being around South Asia with the cruise ship and visiting the temples almost in every port, I can say that I am in love with the work of art that puts a temple all together!

I hope you liked my photo memories from the temple, on my next post I will share with you moments inside the Kuala Lumpur.


The pictures are taken by Radu Niculescu.



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