An adventure at the Hobbiton, New Zealand

    A fost odata ca niciodata, o copila ce a citit o carte in clasa a 8-a, o carte ce se numea Hobbitul, ce era scrisa de minunatul Tolkien!
Ca orice visatoare, acea copila visa sa poata patrunde in lumea minunata a lui Tolkien si sa traiasca si ea ca un hobbit!
La vremea respectiva se rula un film numit Stapanul Inelelor, tot dupa cartea lui Tolkien, iar acea locatie se afla in Noua Zeelanda, locatie la care eu am ajuns sa vizitez!
    Am putut sa ma rup de viata noastra monotona si sa traiesc pentru o ora ca un hobbit!
    It was the perfect day, at the perfect place! We took the tour with the cruise ship and we landed 2 hours later at the most beautiful place on Earth! Hobbiton!
    The whole concept is beautiful, it had everything we wanted to see, the sky was clear and the air was warm!
    The cider was delicious and I didn’t wanted to leave!
Photos by Radu Niculescu!

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