“Fulgii cadeau greu pe stratul gros de zapada! O lumina alba domina gradina din fata geamului meu.
Soarele incepea sa-mi orbeasca visele si nu vroiam sa il las acoperindu-mi ochii cu bratul lui Radu. Nu am reusit decat sa il trezsc pe el si el sa ma trezeasca de tot din vis. Ma saruta si ma priveste cu ochii intredeschisi, nu ma pot abtine si il iau in brate!
– Te iubesc !
– Te iubesc !
O dimineata obisnuita ca toate celelalte. Acelasi sentiment puternic aceleasi saruturi care ma topesc ca pe un fulg de zapada pe buzele fierbinti. Ma inghesui in bratele lui puternice si imi cufund nasul spre gatul lui cald. Nu vreau sa ma trezesc, e prea bine aici ..

Ceasul de la telefon suna ,e ora 10 dimineata, e sambata si e decembrie iar, anul 2008.
Afara ninge si nu am nici un chef sa merg la cumparaturi.
Ma ridic greu din pat si incerc sa-l prind din urma pe Radu, el e deja imbracat. Mama a facut deja cafeaua si si-o bea cu tata…”

“Heavy flakes fell on the thick layer of snow! White light dominates the garden in front of my window.
The sun started to blind my dreams and l let him covering my eyes with his arm Radu. I just woke him then he wake me from my dreams. he kissed me and I look with eyes half-open, I can not help and you take him in my arms arms!
– I love you!
– I love you!
A typical morning like any other. The same strong feeling the same kisses that melt me like a snowflake on hot lips. I squeeze his strong arms and plunge my nose to his neck warm. I do not want to wake up, it’s too good here ..

The clock of the phone call, it’s 10 o’clock, it’s Saturday and is in December and the year is 2008.
it is snowing outside and I have no desire to go shopping.
I lift hard in bed and try to catch him on Radu, he’s already dressed up. My mother made coffee and and it’s having a drink with my dad … ”

– 私はあなたの愛!
– 私はあなたの愛!



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